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Advertise My Car

Best Place to Advertise My Car

Where is the best place to advertise my car? 

Selling your car should be as enjoyable as buying one. However, many sellers think otherwise and chose rather to part exchange or sell to a company that buy cars ranging from £50 – £50,000. Why because most of the time selling privately could be a hassle. We’ve all heard of those tyre kickers and time wasters that we all thought where part of the deal but as time prevailed, selling privately is not just an experience we all should have but has proven to be a far better choice financially.

So, I’m ready to advertise my car, where is the best place to do that?

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide.

Before we go in to the guide, ask yourself, do you have the time and patience to sell privately? Selling privately may not be as quick as the guy who makes a next day appointment to carry out a car inspection. Only to find out his real agenda was not to pay you your asking price but to fish out for fine dents and unrecognizable scratches to use as leverage as to why he must knock off 50% of your price. But if you feel your car is worth more, selling privately makes perfect sense.


Step 1 


Get your car valuated by using online websites like this will provide you with a clear overview of what your car is worth, helping you price your vehicle accordingly. The valuation also details the cost you should expect to receive if you sold your car to a franchise dealer, independent dealer, private buyer or a part exchange.

Depending on your preference, Click here to see how much your car is worth.

Step 2 

Visit a mechanic

Most sellers try to avoid this but in life there really isn’t no short cuts. I’ve heard countless of stories when someone tries to sell a doggy car to a buyer, only to hear how it ended up biting them in the rear. You’ve heard the term “you reap what you sow right”?

Have your local mechanic perform a check on the car to see if there are any major or minor faults. Fix them if it’s realistic if not be sure to let the next owner known. This could be done when your creating your car advert. State the fault in the description section when your listing your car for sell, likewise if you’ve just bought new tyres or a new battery let them know this also.

Step 3 

Head to the car wash

Head to the car wash or if your anything like me you may want to save a few pounds and wash it yourself. Either way, the cleaner the car the higher the chance you’ll attract loads of viewers. Quite frankly no one is interested in viewing a unclean car let alone buying a unclean car.

Step 4 

Sell my car online

You’ve got the green light. Your now ready to sell your car online. There are several websites that could assist you with this, see below:

Choose the best one for you and create your ad. At our basic package feels like a premium package we include long listing with automatic repost should the advert be unsuccessful or drop its listing position (because of newer post). Up to 20 images permitted, social media advertising and oh yeah it’s free too.

Once you’re happy with the advert and you’ve set your price, sit back and wait for the calls to come in. Agree a meeting place with the buyer to check the car; for the sake of safety try going with a friend or family member so you’re not alone.

In terms of payment it’s always safer to have the buyer pay directly into your bank account if not try counting the money twice even get your friend to count it too. Once all parties are happy, complete and send the V5C to the DVLA. This is done by completing the new keeper details (section 6) and signing section 8. Complete and hand over the new keeper part of V5C to your buyer.

Ready to sell your car click HERE.