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How to sell quickly and safely


Prepare your car for sale
Get your car repaired, washed and shining. Presentation, mechanical condition and service history can make a huge impact to sales.

Price your car reasonably
Value your car at a reasonable price especially if you want a quick sale. You may want to compare similar car adverts on our website to gauge current prices.

Have all paperwork ready
Buyers may wish to check details on documents such as the V5C, service history and MOT certificate, before purchase.

Write your advert carefully and coherently
Post My Car gives you plenty of space to describe your car, so be accurate and clear – and most of all, be honest. If you’re open about the good and bad you’ll get realistic, genuine buyers. The 1967 Misrepresentation Act obliges sellers to describe what they’re selling accurately.


Beware of fraudsters
It is always advisable to meet the buyer before selling the car.  Legitimate buyers will usually request to view the car before purchase. Take the buyers basic information such as name and telephone number when arranging viewings and test drives.

Sit in on test drive.
Check documents to ensure the buyer is insured to test drive and have a valid UK license. Always accompany buyers on a test drive. Take precautions to avoid being a victim of car theft.

Meet in a safe location in plain sight
Avoid meeting in places such as dark alleys and unfamiliar locations. Never feel pressured to meet where you are not comfortable.

Provide a receipt
Bank transfer is usually the quicker and safer option when taking payment. Provide the buyer with a receipt. Be sure to keep vehicle, keys and all the documents until the full payment has cleared in your bank account.


Notify the DVLA as soon as possible
Complete the new keeper details on the V5C and sign the declaration along with the buyer. It is your responsibility to send the completed V5C to DVLA having first given the buyer the V5C/2 section
their proof of keepership until they receive a new one from DVLA.


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